Is Hyderabad the Scam Capital of India?

Right from the collapse of Global Trust Bank to Satyam scam and YS Jagan’s assets case to DC Holdings — all have occured in Hyderabad. The scams involve mind boggling sums of lakhs of crores of rupees. The scams envelop areas like IT, infrastructure,banking, irrigation, SEZs, ports, mining, power plants, educational institutions and welfare schemes. Around 10 billionaires are cooling their heels in Chanchalguda jail with a few more in queue.

Discussions on Is Hyderabad the Scam Capital of India?

  1. It is said that behind every successful man, there is a woman. But, in our country behind every successful man, there is a scam!

  2. Cant Believe this, It’s a Shame…

  3. Telangana Citizen

    The state where even the name is a scam (yes..the emergence of the state and later naming the state as Andhra Pradesh is mired in controversy), what can u expect?
    In anthropology there is a theory called Culture-Personality Theory.
    It says the culture influences the personality of the people.
    AP is being ruled by people from 5 to 6 districts (Krishna, Guntur, East and West Godavari, Kadapa, Nellore etc) in all the fields of public life.

    the culture of these places is such that – “People think it is smart work and sign of intelligence to cheat fellow, unsuspecting citizens”. to prove their smartness they have been cheating from birth.
    Telangana people are the biggest sufferers, Hyderabad is the biggest victim.

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